What is learned begins with what is asked. Answers live all around us, and often times in life they need to tap us on the shoulder to get our attention, that we might be led to asking the right questions in hopes that we might receive the prize of knowledge.

That’s what this book is: a tap on the shoulder.

With short snap-shots of great inventors, my hope is that this pocket companion will cause the youth to ask questions about themselves, the world they live in, and how they can achieve. I want them to be enriched by the brilliant African American inventors, and the history they yet bring with them into the present, always reminding people, “You can too!”

I first learned of African American inventors in 1987 when I was a 4th grader at Monnier Elementary in Detroit, and my fascination hasn’t waned with age. While I didn’t become an inventor yet, I have never quit being a learner, and, because of many of these great people, I have been encouraged to believe that no dream is impossible.

Perhaps another 4th grader who gets a hold of this book will be awakened to pursue a path of greatness by serving mankind with an invention that will cure a disease, change the way we communicate, or, make an improvement on an existing product that will help mankind.

When people need a quick shot of inspiration, they can quickly turn to this book and be empowered to keep pressing forward, to not give up, and to believe that it is ok to dream and achieve. They can also encourage and help others by what they’ve learned in here, and that is the answer.